Perko has been manufacturing fuel system components since 1936 when we introduced our first fuel filter. Since then we have manufactured various types of fuel filters, fuel water separators, fuel system vents, fuel fills and caps and the fuel system product we are best known for, our combination fill vent.

Now we have expanded our line to help boat builders properly and safely comply with new diurnal emissions regulations. Our expanded line now includes carbon canisters and specialized fuel system valves.

To assure safe, competitive quality components, we have partnered with experienced automotive suppliers of these components with proven records of design and quality. Together we have worked to tailor their proven designs to best fit the needs of boat builders.

Delphi has been manufacturing automotive carbon canisters for over 40 years. Raval has been manufacturing tank vent valves for over 10 years. Both work to automotive quality standards for fuel systems. With these new partners, we are working to provide boat builders with the right solution to reduce diurnal emissions for each model boat they build.

The PERKO-Delphi Marine Canister with heat shield attached